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Spring 2014

January 12th - Jeff Bacot
January 19th - Fr. Gipson
January 26th - Barbara Elliot
February 2nd - Tom Neumayr
February 9th - Tim Caruthers
Benedictine Spirituality, the Anglican Use, and New Evangelization 
In this installment of the Adult Forum: Faith Seeking Understanding, Tim Caruthers explains the core concepts of Benedictine life and contrasts it with the ills facing the 21st Century.
February 16th - Fr. Hough IV:
The Early Church: Emerging Traditions Guided by the Holy Spirit 
In this installment of the Adult Forum: Faith Seeking Understanding, Fr. Hough IV, rector of Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Church, presents historical evidence of the emerging traditions of the early church and how these practices have been maintained in the Catholic Church.
February 23rd - Lynn Forrester:
The Great Mercy of God and His Forgiveness
Lynn Forrester speaks, despite a nasty cold, about God's mercy, and post-abortive forgiveness and healing.
March 2nd - Dr. Sara Frear:
“Why do We Imitate the Papists While Persecuting Them?”: American Evangelicals & the Catholic Church 1830-1860 
Dr. Sara Frear gives us an excellent analysis of the Catholic and Evangelical interaction in the mid 19th century.  Unfortunately the recorder died mid-session and we lost the end of the class.  Stay tuned to later episodes and we might have her back to give us a second round.
March 9th - Dr. Clint Brand:
St Benedict's Guild and the Daily Office 
Dr. Clint Brand introduces the new St. Benedict's Guild at Our Lady of Walsingham.  He explains the role of the Divine Office as it developed in England and how this gem of the Anglican Patrimony can come to enrich the Ordinariate.
March 16 - Fr. Hough IV
March 23rd - Barbara Jonte
March 30th - Robert Llizo
April 13th - Scot Sullivan
April 27 - Fr. Hough III
May 4th - Mark Baker
May 11th - Jeremy Wilkins

Fall 2013

October 6th - Woody Jones
October 13th - Fr. Gipson
October 20th - Dr. Jeremy Wilkins
October 27th - Greg Orcutt
November 3rd - Fr. Hough III
November 10th - Dr. Holly Ordway
Thee, Thou, and All That: Understanding the Language of the Liturgy
Dr. Holly Ordway explains the meanings and nuances of some of the English words that, while no longer used in common speech, appear all throughout the liturgy.
November 17th - Tom Osborne
November 24th - Scott Sullivan
December 8th - Fr. Hough III
December 15th - Tito Edwards

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